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Honey no background.jpg

Honey - £5

 12 oz jar of natural honey


Honey marmalade - £4

 lb jar of marmalade with the taste of honey

Honey comb.jpg

Honeycomb - £1.5

 Home made honey comb

Honey fudge.jpg

Honey fudge- £1.5

 Home made fudge

with honey


Squeeze Bears - £5

12oz of honey.

One for the kids!

Bee badge.JPG

Bee badges - £1

Show you love the bees!


Propolis tincture - £7

Propolis cream.JPG
wax block.jpg

Propolis cream - £4

Bees wax blocks - £1

Used to make polish, soaps and bees wax wraps

Propolis is a substance used by the bees to keep the hive healthy and has a wide range of medicinal benefits and has been used for centuries to help with skin ailments, gum sores etc and as a general tonic.

Go to the Downloads page to get further information.

Gift pack.jpg

Gift pack - £12

An ideal present - jars of honey and marmalade with a bag of fudge or honey comb

Candles web site.png

Bees wax

candles - £1

Made from pure bees wax

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bee reading 1.jpg


Little Book of Honey Bees.jpg

Little Book of

Honey Bees - £1

Lots of information

about honey bees

Little Book of Solitary Bees.jpg

Little Book of

Solitary Bees - £1

All you need to

know about Solitary bees

Front page.png

Little Book of

Propolis - £1

Find out about the miraculous healing

properties of Propolis

Front page web.png

Little Book of

Cooking with honey - £1

Delicious recipes

using honey

Front page web.png

Little Book of

Bees needs - £1

Find out how you

can help the bees

Cut comb.jpg

Comb honey - £5

A block of pure beeswax and honey straight from the hive.

Out of stock.jpg


A variety of different flavours


These reusable bees wax wraps are perfect for keeping your food fresh and are both lightweight and practical.
You can wrap your food directly or use them to cover your food in a bowl or container.
Perfect for use at home, work, picnics, BBQs, festivals and all other occasions.

Wrap 2 x 15 clear.jpg

2 x 15cm square - £2.50

Wrap 5.JPG

23cm square - £3.00

Wrap 4.JPG

16cm round £3.50

Wrap 3.jpg

3 x 6cm round £2.00


10cm round £1.50

Wrap 2.jpg

The 33mm square wrap can be used as a sandwich pouch.

Go to the Downloads page for a leaflet.

33cm square - £4.50

Wrap kit.jpg

Bees wax food wrap kit £3.50

Make a wrap yourself with a kit that has all you need.

Go to the Downloads page for a leaflet.

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