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Honey no background.jpg

Honey - £5

 12 oz jar of natural honey

Honey marmalade - £4

 lb jar of marmalade with the taste of honey

Honey comb.jpg

Honeycomb - £1.5

 Home made honeycomb

Honey fudge.jpg

Honey fudge- £1.5

 Home made fudge

with honey


Squeeze Bears - £5

12oz of honey.

One for the kids!

Comb honey.png

Comb honey - £5

Cut directly from the frame with the honey inside the comb

wax block.jpg

Bees wax blocks - £1

Used to make polish, soaps and bees wax wraps

This product is not currently available.


Propolis tincture - £7

Propolis cream.JPG

Propolis cream - £4

Propolis is a substance used by the bees to keep the bees healthy and the hive hygenic and has a wide range of medicinal benefits.
It has been used for
centuries to help with skin ailments, gum sores etc and as a general tonic.

Go to the Leaflets page to download a leaflet for further information.

Lions Mane.png

Lion's Mane capsules - £7 [jar contains 30 capsules]

The medicinal benefits of mushrooms have been known about for centuries and form an important part of Chinese medicines.

One of the most important mushrooms is Lion's Mane which has a range of benefits for longevity, nerve repair, dealing with depression and brain health.

I have only just started growing them and at the moment I have only a limited stock.

Click the icon below to download a leaflet.

Gift pack - £12

 A jar of honey, a jar of honey mamalade and a packet of fudge or honeycomb

Beeswax candles - £1

A range of different types, all made with the purest bees wax

Beeswax furniture polish


Ideal for caring for and protecting wooden furniture.

Click the icon for further information

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